Exfoliating Body Glove MAFOLE™️

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Introducing a reusable, soap-free way to sweep dead skin cells away and reveal soft, smooth, radiant skin. (Just add water!)

Inspired by an ancient beauty technique, the Deep Exfoliating Glove works to gently yet powerfully remove dead skin cell buildup and break down keratosis pillars. The result? Smooth, silky, naturally-glowy skin.

Exfoliating Glove – Mongant

How To Use:

1. Before exfoliating, make sure to ‘steam’ your skin for at least 5 minutes. (Taking a bath or shower totally works!)

2. Put on the glove, and dampen it, squeezing out any excess water.

3. Scrub your body in quick circular motions. Use long and firm strokes for best results.

4. When you’re done, rinse your body and glove with gentle soap and water.

5. After your shower/bath, apply a moisturizing lotion to your body to lock in the softness.

6. Repeat 1-2x/week. Replace with a new glove every 6 weeks.

Glow Glove - Exfoliating Body Glove